All these and much, much more!  Contact us to learn more about our services, or to arrange for a free consultation.  You can reach May Homemaker Homemaker Services LLC at (708) 289 2874.


Our Services

May Homemaker Services is the answer to independence for seniors.  Whether the services are for you or a loved one, May Homemaker Services can offer respite to family caregivers and help extend and enhance living at home as a safe and comfortable alternative to institutional living without the stress of interrupted routines and changes in daily habits. While May Homemaker Services cannot replace the love and support of an elderly person’s family, our caregivers provide helpful and necessary services needed to brighten the day, lighten the workload and ensure peace of mind. 

Our Services


  • Performing personal care (bathing, grooming, etc.)

  • Reminding (medication, dares, routines, etc.)

  • Assisting with mobility

  • Prevention falls

  • Providing transfer assistance

  • Preparing meals and feeding

  • Providing companionship

  • Performing light housekeeping

  • Running errands

  • Prescription pick-up, dry cleaning, etc

  • Organization, shipping and reading mail

  • Grocery shopping

  • Escorting to appointments

  • Entertaining  (games, crafts, reading, etc.)

improving family life, 

knowledge and understanding!